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After 3 RVs and 20 months of travel in two years, we know we can offer better service and more reliable repairs than we received. Our mobile RV technician travels to your location for repairs, maintenance, installs, and upgrades on your rig. Certified, licensed, and insured. Honest and reliable. 10% discount on labor costs for active duty and retired military and first responders. We serve the Tampa Bay Area. RV Repair and Services, Inc., d/b/a Mobile RV Repair and Services.

We are your road trip crew.

Our certified and professional RV technicians have nearly a decade of experience and knowledge, which makes us the best option in the area. We will travel to the location of your RV for repairs, maintenance, installations and improvements. We service your RV at your home, in storage, at campsites or at parks, all in the Tampa Bay area and nearby communities.

Honesty & Integrity

We value honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. We prioritize our customers and providing them with the best, high-quality care.


We want you to be able to count on us. Whether you need to schedule an appointment for a service or need something done immediately, give us a call. We will get to you as quickly as possible.


We are straightforward and upfront about our pricing and our services with all of our customers. We value communication.

ABOUT Mobile RV Repair and Services

We are a licensed and insured, family-owned and operated local business. Our guiding principles are honesty, integrity, trust and reliability. After having multiple RVs ourselves and doing over 20 months of travel in them within two years, we knew that we could offer better service than we received. Now, our certified RV repair technicians will travel to you. From information and advice, to inspections, troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance, renovations and upgrades, we are are your go-to people for all things RVs.

Get in touch with us today and ask about our 10% discount on labor costs to active duty and retired military members and first responders.


We are experienced with every type of RV system, including plumbing systems, generators, solar power and more. We can provide repairs, installations, inspections and upgrades to all systems to ensure they are running properly and efficiently.


We can repair, install, maintenance or completely change all appliances in your RV to keep your technology up-to-date and of the highest quality.


We provide repairs, both interior and exterior, to all kinds of RVs. If an emergency repair is needed, give us a call. We will get to you as quickly as possible.


RVs need maintenance and servicing to make sure they are safe and ready for recreation. We provide high-quality maintenance, including oil changes, tire pressure checks and more, wherever you may be.  

RV REPAIR SHOP IN Zephyrhills, FL & Apollo Beach, FL

We can provide all of our services from our own shop or we can travel to you. Whatever works best for you, works best for us too.

Contact us or click on our services page to get more information about what we offer.

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